The Newest Kitchen Designs in 2021.

The kitchen has traditionally been the place where food was prepared and where folks sometimes chose to eat. In recent years, this has changed and kitchens have now taken on a much wider range of functions- they are now considered to be the central place of every home and are warm and inviting places in which to socialize, eat and relax. 

So, with this evolution in the role of kitchens, what are the latest designs and trends for 2021? This article will discuss everything you need to know! 

Cabinet Factory Kitchen
Another beautiful design by the Cabinet Factory Team.

Darker colors are currently trending. 

Although a white kitchen will always be a classic and timeless look, darker colors are now making a huge comeback in terms of new kitchen designs. 

By darker, we mean rich shades of navy blue, deep red and emerald green. Black is also very popular at the moment, as are certain shades of plum. 

A kitchen that is outfitted completely in a dark color can look small and dark, but luckily the current trend is to have lighter colored cabinets with a few, darker accent pieces. 

For instance, you may choose to have a few, dark color pops in your kitchen in the form of an island, tile backspash or countertop. 

Think smart. 

Smart kitchens have been a long time coming and it is no surprise that the most modern kitchens now make use of clever technology, such as motion-sense faucets, refrigerators that alert you when you need to stock up and automatic coffee makers so that you wake up to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee. 

If you are building your kitchen from the ground up, integrating smart technology into every element of your new kitchen is an excellent idea. Alternatively, if you are planning on a basic upgrade you could always add in one or two smart features to suit your needs. 

Simplicity and optimal use of space and light. 

Speak to any kitchen designer and they will tell you that folks expect a lot more from their kitchens today than in previous years. 

Gone are the days when kitchens were fussy, complex and 

basic in terms of design and function. 

A 2021 kitchen makes optimal use of space, light and corners, giving you a streamlined kitchen design that makes your life easier. An example of this is no longer having an upper row of kitchen cabinets (which are normally difficult to reach and awkward, anyway). This provides a clean and open look, making your kitchen appear larger and brighter. 

Granite and Quartz Countertops.

Kitchen countertops are a vital element to every kitchen and can mean the difference between a classy, elegant and sophisticated kitchen or one that is poorly put together, cheap looking and dowdy. 

Granite and quartz countertops have been taking the world by storm in recent years and for good reason! As countertops, they are incredibly tough, hygienic and low in maintenance. 

Whether you want a traditional farmhouse kitchen, a smart, space-age space or something customized, you will definitely be able to find the perfect quartz or granite countertop to enhance the look of your kitchen. 

Ceramic tile flooring. 

Over the past few years, hardwood as a flooring option for kitchens has been very popular. However, ceramic tiles are now being chosen in favor of wood and there is a very good reason for this. 

With wood flooring, you have the option of a very limited range of colors and shades. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, come in an almost endless range of colors, shades and hues and you can find a style to suit your kitchen’s design beautifully. 

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